Crime solving is arduous, and law enforcement agencies often struggle to obtain the best results with limited resources. We are here to tell you that there is a better way! With our FINDER® Analytics suite of tools, agencies can better understand crime trends without having to devote additional resources.

Agency Crime Stats:

With FINDER, participating agencies will have access to their crime data directly displayed on their screens. Instead of manually creating charts or tables, agencies can now view crime incidents in an easy-to-navigate manner. This allows agencies to quickly spot any trends in criminal activity, from the types of crimes being committed in a certain area to the prolific offenders responsible for them.

Heat Maps:

Heat maps are powerful visual aids that give law enforcement officers quick glimpses into what areas are most affected by crime and which ones are safer for citizens. Our heat map feature allows officers to compare two datasets side by side and comprehensively examine how crime has changed over time. This helps officers understand where their efforts should be focused to make their communities safer for everyone.

Top Offenders List:

A top offenders list is a great way for law enforcement agencies to see who the most prolific criminals are in their jurisdiction so they know who they should be keeping an eye on. With our FINDER platform, officers can quickly create this list and use it as a reference point when trying to identify potential suspects or repeat offenders.

Relational Searches:

Relational searches allow law enforcement officers to easily identify relationships between individuals and see what connections they may have with certain crimes or other persons of interest. This feature helps officers narrow down their search results and quickly uncover any links between the people involved in a crime so they can move forward with their investigation more efficiently.


Geofencing is another useful tool for law enforcement agencies as it allows them to draw boundaries around specific locations in order to view activity within that area more closely.

Link Charts:

Link charts provide law enforcement with an effective way of tracking connections between entities such as people, businesses, organizations, etc., making them extremely helpful when solving complex cases involving multiple people or groups of people working together towards some form of criminal activity. Our link chart feature allows officers to quickly generate these charts so they can visualize all the possible connections between suspects and other points of interest related to a case without having to manually create them themselves.

At FINDER, we believe that everyone deserves access to powerful analytics tools that will help them solve complex cases faster than ever before without having to expend additional resources doing it themselves from scratch. Our suite of tools provides law enforcement with everything they need from agency crime stats, heat maps, top offenders lists, relational searches, geofencing capabilities, and link charts—all conveniently located within one easy-to-use platform—so that they can quickly uncover patterns in criminal activity and take action accordingly! Utilize FINDER today for all your investigative needs.

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