FINDER® Messenger

Connecting Justice: Uniting Law Enforcement Through Secure Collaboration

FINDER Messenger, a secure, efficient, and CJIS-approved collaboration platform for investigative working groups. Revolutionize your communication and teamwork with our platform specifically designed to meet the unique needs of law enforcement. FINDER Messenger is your solution for investigative collaboration and information sharing!

FINDER Messenger

Secure & Streamlined Communication – Whether navigating through complex cases or orchestrating operations among diverse agencies, our platform is your ally in fostering seamless communication and collaboration.

Sharing information is at the heart of effective law enforcement, and FINDER Messenger makes it easier than ever. With our user-friendly interface, you can upload and share documents, images, and other essential data in a secure environment. Real-time chat and file sharing ensure that crucial updates are communicated promptly.

WHY FINDER Messenger?

Secure Platform

Our platform adheres to Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) standards, ensuring your agency’s compliance requirements are met without compromise.

Create Private Groups

Streamline your investigative teams and communication channels by creating private groups accessible only to authorized members for enhanced security and focused collaboration.

Share Information

Easily share documents, images, and other critical data within the platform, keeping everyone updated.

Real-Time Chat

Immediate communication and file-sharing capabilities to ensure crucial updates and information are conveyed promptly, enhancing response times and efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface

Tailored specifically for investigative working groups, FINDER Messenger offers a user-friendly interface and fine-tuned features to enhance productivity and operational efficiency.

Audit Trail

Maintain a comprehensive trail of communications and file-sharing activities for accountability and compliance.

How FINDER Messenger Works

With all FINDER products, we strive to make everything intuitive and user-friendly. FINDER Messenger is no different.

1. Login

Login to FINDER Messenger using your same FINDER credentials.

2. Create Groups

Create groups by inviting anyone who is in the FINDER network who has joined Messenger.

3. Start Messaging

Efficiently and securely send your messages and attach any needed documents or images.

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