FINDER® Bulletins


With FINDER® Bulletins, the standard bulletin has become more powerful. Agencies can post, share, and view department bulletins and notices with the FINDER platform. This increases the officer awareness of current trends, wanted persons, and BOLOs. In a digital and searchable environment it also makes it easier for other departments to absorb and respond to the information too.

Artificial Intelligence Bulletin Ingestion and Distribution System (AIBIDS)

AIBIDS automates the bulletin receiving process, and using an array of artificial intelligence engines, including post-image processing, AIBDS will analyze and extract pertinent metadata from pictures and narratives to make the information searchable within FINDER.

Commercial Bulletins Information System (CBIS)

The Commercial Bulletins Information System (CBIS) by FINDER Software Solutions makes it easier for event operators and private and commercial security companies to document, communicate, and share incident information to participating local law enforcement.

searchable BULLETIN data

Current & Historic Bulletins

Image Metadata Information

Incident Type

License Plate Number


Subject Name

Suspect Traits

Vehicle Characteristics

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