Solve crimes faster.

Link and share data sets with agencies to uncover investigative leads, relationships, and patterns.




Federated Integrated Network for Data Exchange and Retrieval


Automated reporting of pawn, scrap and secondhand transactions


Design and implementation of specialized software tools for law enforcement

Seamlessly monitor the health of IP LPR, CCTV cameras, and other devices online.


The Federated Integrated Network for Data Exchange and Retrieval (FINDER®)

Developed in partnership with the University of Central Florida and our singular focus on law enforcement data and information sharing, has led to our years of success designing and implementing the FINDER® and FINDERpawn systems.


Collier County Sheriff’s Office

I like having the ability to cross-reference person, vehicles (including tags), and property with other agencies. This expedites the process, detectives used to have to call several law enforcement agencies and speak with several persons in order to learn whether or not they had any intelligence of value. FINDER is a very cost effective way of sharing law enforcement information with sister agencies.

Lt. Chad Parker

City of Huntsville

FINDER allows all 500 Officers in our Department access to every police database. This information is web-based and allows street officers and investigators immediate access from their vehicle tablets on information only found in Departments Records Management Systems (RMS). This reduces the investigation time used in developing and following up on leads. We share our RMS and have read access to every Police Department’s RMS at our fingertips. This partnership and collaboration is invaluable and the least expensive module of software we are using in the Department.

Chief Mark McMurray

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

We’ve been involved with FINDER since the beginning. We were an early supporter of FINDER because I believe that information is power; that information is an absolute necessity in law enforcement. Crime is trans-jurisdictional and when agencies can collaborate and share information, it can significantly aid in solving crimes. 

Sheriff Donald Eslinger (ret.)