FINDER® is a vendor neutral, distributed law enforcement investigative lead generation tool. It allows law enforcement agencies to share various records and requested data sets (ALPR, Gunshot detection, etc.) with other participating law enforcement agencies. These records are shared after being translated into a uniform FINDER format. Collaborations with other law enforcement systems provide access to hundreds of additional agencies’ records with the ability to integrate additional tools like facial recognition, public records, and more.

FINDER does not warehouse data; your agency’s data remains at your agency. FINDER provides an interface to allow other agencies to see a copy of your records while leaving you in control of your data.

Onboarding Flowchart

Onboarding Flowchart

Necessary steps to get FINDER data sharing installed and running at your agency.

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Server Specifications

Server Specifications

FINDER can run on most systems, but it will run only as well as the agency system on which it’s placed.

Minimal hardware specifications for a FINDER server are:

  • Server class computer (at least 4 cores)
  • 12 GB RAM
  • 200 GB hard disk or higher- RAID  1 or 5 recommended (>300 GB for larger agencies)
  • Network interface (2 interfaces may be needed at some locations)
  • Microsoft Windows 2016 Standard or higher (Per processor licensing mode)
  • Access to a Microsoft SQL 2014 SP3 or higher. We can also install SQL EXPRESS (Free download) on the FINDER server
  • Microsoft  .Net 3.5 & 4.7.2(Free download)
  • IIS installed and running (Part of Windows server)
  • Anti-Virus/system security software with a subscription
  • All the latest security patches and server packs installed
  • Any required third-party ODBC compliant drivers for RMS connectivity

If your agency wishes to install FINDER on a Virtual Server:

  • There is no additional setup or configuration if your virtual server meets the minimum server specifications described above and is CJIS compliant.
  • A shared server is permitted as long as the system is secure and the FINDER application functions reliably.

Custom ETL and API

FINDER Integrate for ETL and API’s

FINDER Software Solutions also offers custom Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) work via FINDER Integrate. This process allows any agency to transfer their legacy data from one database to another. This process is perfect for those agencies that need to change RMS systems and want to transfer their legacy data.

We also specialize in developing Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to enhance agencies’ ability to utilize other custom software systems such as mapping, analytical programs, and external law enforcement data sources.

Architecture & Compliance

Architecture and Compliance

Distributed, Federated Architecture

FINDER does not warehouse data; your agency’s data remains at your agency. FINDER provides an interface to allow other agencies to have access to your information while leaving you in control of your data.

FINDER can be implemented for data warehouses that require data storage at a specific law enforcement agency.

LEXS-SR and CJIS Compliance

LEXS-SR and CJIS Compliance

FINDER is designated to meet the technological directives established by the federal government for sharing law enforcement data, including LEXS-SR, CJIS, and FIPS 140-2. FINDER also uses AWS GovCloud. This ensures a path to future expansion.

How do I submit a product bug or feature request?

At FINDER, we are always working to improve our platform for our customers. If you have an idea or product request, you may submit it using the form HERE, and our engineering team will review it. If you happen to identify a bug, you can also use this form to submit it. Please note due to development cycles and the wide base of customers, not all requests will be implemented, however, our team does read all requests.

Where can I see product release notes?

FINDER product release notes can be accessed on the Product Release Notes page.

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