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As a vendor-neutral platform, FINDER® gives agencies the power to do more with less. By connecting various siloed data sources to FINDER, officers, and analysts are able to connect more dots all from a single searchable digital platform with less time spent searching different platforms. FINDER is pleased to work with the following partners, integrations, interoperabilities, and resellers to offer a robust and nationwide law enforcement data-sharing platform.

    Integrations & Partners

    Cobwebs Technologies

    Web Intelligence for a safer world. Cobwebs Technologies is a global leader in AI-Powered Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). Our mission is to protect global communities and organizations from crime, threats, and cyber-attacks, by providing seamless access to publicly available data.

    Evidence IQ

    Ballistics IQ™, produced by Evidence IQ, is the only automated ballistics imaging triage solution enabling immediate scanning of ballistics evidence, providing law enforcement with real-time unbiased forensic-based intelligence on gun crimes. Ballistics IQ supports the ATF’s NIBIN and CGIC (Crime Gun Intelligence Center) initiatives to fight gun violence. 

    FF Group

    FF Group offers out-of-box intelligent security solutions on the EDGE (IP video camera processor), that support traffic, access control, and parking management projects. Based on a strong RnD core, FF Group implements a range of unique, smart, and cost-effective solutions. We design powerful and sophisticated products using vehicle plate, make, model, color recognition; intellectual data processing; “camera-to-camera” communication technologies. The road traffic data processing platform FF Data Factory ushers in an era of simplicity and convenience in working with huge data flows in the transport sector in real-time.



    Fusus is the most widely used & trusted Real-Time Crime Center platform in U.S. Public Safety. Fusus is an open and unified intelligence ecosystem that integrates and enhances all public safety and investigation assets for law enforcement, first responders, and private security personnel.

    Insight LPR

    Insight LPR has been in business since 2012 and has been providing LPR-based solutions to law enforcement customers since inception. We are a full-spectrum LPR company that designs, engineers, and manufactures its own hardware and software to deliver purpose-built solutions. The leadership, technology and operational teams have more than 75 years of combined LPR- specific experience. Some noteworthy accomplishments include building the largest LPR-equipped vehicle fleet in the country, architecting the largest LPR database provided to public and private sectors, and establishing and leading a field support team responsible for the installation and performance of more than 5,000 mobile LPR kits and 2,000 fixed LPR camera installations.

    IRIS Intel Group

    A next generation intelligence request management, routing, and resolution platform built for next generation law enforcement & intelligence professionals. Intelligence Request & Information System (IRIS) was designed to streamline the intelligence request, communication, and dissemination processes. IRIS is an efficient and time saving platform that will help Intelligence Analysts stay on top of requests and produce standardized intelligence products every time.


    The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Data Exchange (N-DEx) System is a no fee unclassified national information sharing system that enables criminal justice agencies to search, link, analyze, and share local, state, tribal, and federal records. The N-DEx System contains criminal justice information obtained agencies in connection with their official duties. In addition, N-DEx System access is restricted to agencies performing the administration of criminal justice.



    Put your data to work to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals, families and communities. The public sector’s mission is to serve citizens, ensuring the safety and well-being of all people. Because yesterday’s approaches won’t solve tomorrow’s problems, innovation is essential. With advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning from SAS, all levels of government around the world can make better, faster, more cost-effective decisions that will make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.


    Viglant Solutions

    As a part of Motorola Solutions’ Video and Analytics portfolio, Vigilant Solutions features LEARN. LEARN is a hosted intelligence platform solution for law enforcement that transforms disparate sets of data into actionable intelligence while eliminating specific IT requirements within agencies. With almost infinite scalability and data security, LEARN’s powerful analytics take investigative initiatives to the next level.

    Other Integrations

    The FINDER® platform is capable of accepting data or connecting additional data sources. Contact us to learn more about our FINDER Integrate solution.




    FF Group



    Vigilant Solutions

    Ballistics & Gunshot Detection

    Evidence IQ



    Motorola Solutions

    Priority Dispatch

    Court & Jail Records


    Digital Technologies LLC

    Motorola Solutions

    Facial Recognition & Social Media Intelligence

    Clearview AI


    Vigilant Solutions

    Real-Time Intelligence





    Iris Intel Group




    Aciss RMS

    Beacon Software Solutions

    Capers Integrated Software

    Central Square Technologies

    Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure


    Mark 43

    Motorola Solutions


    Seminole County SO

    Smart Cop

    Southern Software Inc.

    TriTier Corporation

    Tyler Technologies

    University of Central Florida

    USA Software Inc

    Executive Information Services

    QED Public Safety

    Traffic Citations

    TraCS Florida

    *This list denotes the various third-party solutions that FINDER currently has a parser for, or is connected to the FINDER platform in some way via a current customer. It does not indicate a business partnership with FINDER unless otherwise noted. Each customer is responsible for managing relations with their service providers, and FINDER will integrate within the vendor terms. Also note several vendors offer products under various names which may not be indicated.

    Authorized Resellers

    Millenium Products Inc. Logo - Reseller

    Millenium Products Inc

    Millenium Products Inc is providing powerful solutions and proven results for clients worldwide. Millenium also makes it exceptionally easy for agencies to procure hardware and software solutions, through GSA and TXMAS contracts.

    Vetted Security Solutions logo - Reseller

    Vetted Security Solutions LLC

    Vetted provides comprehensive solutions that enable public safety entities to prevent and solve crimes. As a single-source solutions provider, Vetted can design, install, and provide post-deployment support to agencies of any size.

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