Facilitating data sharing across agencies to accelerate investigations.

FINDER is now the most advanced information sharing and investigative lead generation platform available for law enforcement agencies. FINDER integrates RMS, CAD, and other digital databases to work alongside added content-rich solutions such as public records, facial recognition, criminal records databases, vehicle information, booking images, and so much more.

Your agency may qualify for a free 30-day trial of FINDER.
Finder empowers law enforcement to collaborate with other agencies to link and share data sets to uncover investigative leads and criminal patterns.

Custom watch lists with alerts

Lead sheets with photos and timelines

Geofenced search areas

Crime incident results with mapping

Link analysis and cross reference

Query multiple databases at once


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RMS & CAD Data

FINDER has developed special parsers and API’s to enhance an agency’s ability to utilize and access RMS, CAD, and other electronic data sources in a centralized intelligence platform.

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LPR Alerts & Mapping

Integrate LPR datasets to obtain vehicle information and hotlist alerts. Leverage FINDER search capabilities to uncover leads and focus officer activities to recover wanted or missing individuals quicker. Allow FINDER to update hotlist automatically.

Gun Crime Information

Each agency can review all firearm discharges in geo-spatial and temporal formats, including forensically matched ballistic evidence.

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DMV Records*

Integrate with state DMV record databases to search and obtain Drivers License, Associated Vehicles, Residences, Criminal History, and more.

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Facial Recognition*

Powerful image searches based on booking images and open public web images including news media, mugshot websites, public social media, and other open sources.

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Bulletins & Notices

Post, share, and view department bulletins and notices increasing individual officer situational awareness of current trends, wanted persons and BOLOs.

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Public Records*

A unique combination of public record data consisting of criminal and consumer information. Additional data sourced from over 15,000 retail merchants, lenders, and financial entities providing leads on unbanked and people with a minimal credit footprint.

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Pawn & Scrapper*

Leverage participating FINDER Pawn data or integrate agency and partner provided transaction data from pawn, scrappers, and secondhand dealers.

*Service may require an additional subscription or implementation fee.


Put the power of FINDER in the hands of every officer with the FINDER Mobile app. Users can search people & places, vehicles, bulletins, and more to get immediate results, from the field, without the need for a computer.

Finder Mobile - Users can search people & places, vehicles, bulletins, and more to get immediate results, from the field, without the need for a computer.

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