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Everything you need to TURN A lead INTO ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE.

FINDER® offers a competitive pricing model for state and local law enforcement. Share your data with the FINDER network to save and help extend the power of FINDER.

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FINDER Price List

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FINDER Platform
(includes 1 data set)
FINDER PawnFull Suite Price
1-25 Sworn$3,595$2,500$6,095
26-50 Sworn$4,795$2,500$7,295
51-75 Sworn$5,995$3,000$8,995
76-100 Sworn$7,200$5,000$12,200
101-200 Sworn$13,800$5,100$18,900
201-350 Sworn$21,000$7,000$28,000
351 to 500 Sworn$23,400$9,000$32,400
501-1000 Sworn$29,400$15,000$44,400
1001-1500 Sworn$39000$19,990$58,990
1501-2000 Sworn$48,000$29,990$77,900
2001-2500 Sworn$59,000$39,990$98,990
2501-5000 Sworn$89,400$49,990$139,390
5001+ SwornCustomCustomCustom
Web pricing displayed is subject to change, and actual customer price will be determined per department sworn officer count and the number of data sets connected to FINDER.

Partner API Annual Fee : $ 2,500

Custom Integrations: $300/hr first year and annual maintenance fee.

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*Price shown is for new FINDER contributing state or local agencies. FINDER is priced annually by tiers based on the number of sworn officers. Additional implementation fees and annual API fees may apply.

**Additional implementation fees and annual API fees may apply. Select thrid-party services may require an additional subscription or implementation.

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