FINDER Custom Solutions

FROM ETL to your ATL, we support the agency with Innovative DATA solutions.

As the law enforcement needs of communities are different, so are the various software needs. The development efforts at FINDER are designed to target the specific data-sharing needs of an agency without trying to dictate, through narrow, commercial off-the-shelf products, how the agency conducts business. To this end, FINDER develops custom software solutions and systems that complement law enforcement business processes. Our ability to create technology solutions allows for a genuine cost-benefit to any agency while producing effective software products for the users.

Application Program Interfaces

We specialize in developing Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to enhance an agencies’ ability to utilize other custom software systems such as mapping, analytical programs, and external crime-reducing data sources.

Data Migration

FINDER also works with any data migration (legacy data included) through our Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes.

Let us help you, find a cost-effective solution or integration for your data management needs and RMS software transitions.

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