FINDER® Pawn for Pawn Shops*

Easy Automated, paperless reporting of pawn transactions.

FINDER® Pawn has created a tool to help pawn shop owners share information regarding their transactions with local law enforcement. This information enables law enforcement to more effectively investigate and prevent crime, while also keeping communities and pawn shop operators safe. The platform also aids pawn shop owners in meeting their compliance requirements and protecting them from buying and reselling stolen goods.

*Available only to pawn shops in regions where local law enforcement agencies subscribe to FINDER Pawn.


FINDER Pawn automates manual tasks and helps pawn shops remain compliant.

There is NO cost to pawn shops for reporting to participating FINDER agencies.

Pawn Shop Benefits

Automatically calculate finance charges on pawn loans

Search and edit previously entered tickets

User-friendly interface

FTP and bulk transaction uploads capabilities

Reports transaction data to the law enforcement agency

Shops can create and manage their users

FINDER Pawn for Law Enforcement

FINDER Pawn’s web-based pawn collection and tracking system allow users to search pawn, scrap metal, and second hand transactions reported to their agency.

Finder Pawn - FINDER has built a reputation as a law enforcement data-sharing solution capable of sharing any data set.

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