Law enforcement in Trussville, Alabama, took swift action after a local bank was the target of a robbery.

Carried out by a suspect described as a Black Male, who was reported to have a scar above his eye. The suspect, who was believed to be armed because he implied during the robbery he had a gun, fled the scene on foot towards a Target parking lot with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Detectives obtained video footage from the Target store, which showed the Black Male getting into a red Buick SUV and traveling south toward Birmingham. Surveillance cameras were able to track the vehicle continuing to head south. Knowing the direction he was heading, police used LPR cameras in the vicinity and were able to confirm the vehicle's presence prior to the robbery.

Once the tag was run through FINDER, police identified the vehicle as belonging to an older Black Male from Butler County who, unfortunately, was not the suspect. However, thanks to the power of FINDER, a month-old ticket for the vehicle in Oxford, Alabama, linked it to the suspect.

“We put the suspect, that was identified only through Finder, in a photo lineup and he was immediately identified by the teller as the person that had committed the robbery at the bank earlier that day. Thanks to Finder we had him identified within hours of the bank robbery,” said Chief Rush with the Trussville Police department. 

Thanks to quick action from law enforcement and having access to FINDER, the suspect was able to be identified within hours of the crime, instead of weeks or months.

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