FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 1, 2021, Saint Petersburg, FL
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Vetted Security Solutions (VSS) and the Center for Law Enforcement Technology, Training & Research (LETTR) are pleased to announce the acquisition and integration of the LETTR team, into a newly-formed company, FINDER LLC. In a three-year agreement with the non-profit organization LETTR, FINDER LLC will provide uninterrupted data-sharing services to LETTR’s customers, with no change in FINDER subscription fees.

The merging of FINDER and Vetted Security Solutions’ teams are now together under Vetted Holdings LLC. The new holdings entity comprises a portfolio of companies with exciting opportunities to develop new security solutions for law enforcement. The companies will now operate under the Vetted Holdings umbrella, providing the software that integrates data across the public safety industry with a turn-key line of hardware solutions. This seamless alignment opens up new opportunities for law enforcement data sharing capabilities to the next level through technology.

“I am extremely grateful to be able to welcome Jim McClure, Managing Director, Christopher Crowell, Director of Operations, and the entire LETTR team to FINDER,” said Ryan Barnett, President & CEO of Vetted Holdings LLC. “I would also like to give a special thanks to Dr. Ernie Scott, Executive Director of LETTR. Dr. Scott’s leadership, coupled with the amazing team around him, created a data-sharing consortium that has led to countless arrests. I could not be any more honored to continue that mission,” Barnett stated.

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