Using Data to Solve Crimes Faster with FINDER

Law enforcement officers work tirelessly and endlessly to solve crimes, but often lack the technological resources to do so efficiently. That’s why FINDER is a valuable tool for law enforcement agencies looking to simplify their investigative process. With its single pane of information and comprehensive integration of digital databases, FINDER seamlessly links data sets and empowers law enforcement teams to uncover leads and patterns, ultimately solving cases faster. Let’s take a closer look at how this technology works.

How FINDER Works

FINDER is an all-encompassing data system that integrates RMS (Record Management System), CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), and numerous digital databases, including public records, facial recognition, criminal databases, and vehicle information. This allows users to access all their necessary data from one source rather than having to search for it in multiple places. It also gives them the ability to share this data between agencies with ease, streamlining the investigative process and allowing law enforcement teams to uncover leads quickly.

FINDER also provides powerful analytics capabilities that allow investigators to leverage data collected from multiple sources while still being able to track the original sources of that data. This allows agencies to have a more complete understanding of any case they are working on by cross-referencing different types of data, such as photos, videos, audio recordings, documents, fingerprints, etc., in order to identify suspects or link evidence together more efficiently.

The Benefits of FINDER

Law enforcement agencies benefit significantly from using FINDER due to its streamlined approach and comprehensive integration of digital databases. It eliminates the need for manual searches by providing real-time access to all relevant data from one source, saving time and energy for both individual officers and entire departments alike. Additionally, its secure sharing capabilities allow teams from different agencies or jurisdictions to collaborate more effectively on cases which could otherwise be difficult or impossible due to jurisdictional boundaries.  By shortening investigative cycles through efficient collaboration across multiple sources of data sets, officers can focus on the most pressing cases first instead of spending time sorting through paperwork or dealing with red-tape from other departments.  Furthermore, it offers tremendous value in terms of cost savings by avoiding redundant purchases or costly hardware investments.

When it comes down to it, FINDER is an incredibly powerful tool that can drastically improve crime-solving efficiency for law enforcement teams across the globe. Its single-pane system helps streamline interagency collaboration while integrating numerous digital databases help investigators uncover leads quickly. By leveraging this technology, law enforcement can save not only time but money as well. With its powerful analytics capabilities, FINDER helps empower your team by putting data within reach while helping them redefine crime-solving today.

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